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Whether it be work pressures, family issues, past trauma, a genetic predisposition to anxiety/depression, the complicated world we live in, or a combination of these, life is challenging these days. Some of the peaks and valleys of stress can also be attributed to the herd effect. Pheromones spread amongst humans whereby individuals pick up ambient stress that comes from the community at large.1 This is how a herd of quietly grazing animals all react simultaneously to a predator even though most may not have seen or heard anything unusual. We humans have this, too, on a more subtle level. What to do?

Stress reduction using acupuncture and herbs is highly efficacious. People emerge from acupuncture feeling completely relaxed, more balanced and less anxious or depressed, coping with life from a more centered, joyful place. This leads to multiple health benefits including increased fertility, improved cardiovascular health, less inflammation, fewer hot flashes, better energy, sleep, and digestion, and reduction in autoimmune issues. Also, the more people there are who do acupuncture, yoga, meditation, or psychotherapy, the more the herd effect can switch from collective stress to collective calm.2